Male - Scale bar : 5 cm.

French Guyana, route de Régina, PK 76.5, 19-VII-96, H. de Toulgoët & J. Navatte leg.

Female - Scale bar : 5 cm.

French Guyana, 1985, Ch. Lestrade leg.

Eudocima materna (Linnaeus, 1767)

Noctuidae Ophiderinae


Eudocima hybrida (Fabricius)
Eudocima apta (Walker)
Eudocima chalcogramma (Walker)

Biology and distribution

Host-plant unknown, the adults pierce fruit cuticle with their proboscis. They are sometimes reported as pests on Citrus.

This very striking moth is rare in Martinique.

Cosmopolitan species : America (from the south of the United States to Brazil), India, Australia and tropical Africa.


Male genitalia (JPG 97 Kb).
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