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The V.A.S.T lab

Variation and Abiotic Stress Tolerance


   Arabidopsis RILs  
   New collections  
   MSAT Database  
   Useful Links  

  Below are links toward websites of interest to the analysis of natural variation in Arabidopsis, either collaborators and other labs in the community, or useful tools, software and resources.


         Useful resource (markers, polymorphisms, plant material... )

  Weigel POLYMORPH tool to find SNPs between accessions (Perlegen re-sequencing data, also on TAIR and SIGnAL)

  Magnus Nordborg database for polymorphisms (NSF 2010 projects)

  MSQT tool to extract polymorphisms information from databases

  The local MSAT database (microsatellites)

  TAIR (The Arabidopsis Information Resource)

  VNAT website (natural variation resource from INRA Versailles)

  NASC - Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Center

  ABRC - Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center (North-American stock center)

  Sendai SASSC - Japanese Arabidopsis Seed stock center

  Arabidopsis Tilling project

         Useful tools and software

  WebQTL, online tool for QTL and eQTL mapping

  QTLReaper Project (the origin of WebQTL algorythms)

  QTL Cartographer


  GGT32, a very nice tool to graphically represent the genotype of individuals (for example RILs)

  Blast Digester - CAPS marker designer online

  Primer3 tool to design primers

  Marker tracker from University of Toronto


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