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The V.A.S.T lab

Variation and Abiotic Stress Tolerance


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            Welcome to the VAST lab !

        Our primary interest is in the genetics of growth
              and genotype x environment interaction.

Please also visit our Arabidopsis natural variation resource portal, the website 
Versailles new RILs sets (including description and associated data)
Seed ordering takes place from Publiclines website

                Job offers:

    We are always looking for post-docs and students motivated by the fields of natural diversity,
    quantitative genetics and molecular biology in Arabidopsis. There is no need to be a stats specialist
    to become part of this exciting and fast-moving field of biology !



                Contacts:                             Access map:    Html document   ( PDF file )   /   Google Maps INRA   /   From St Cyr station by foot

                    LOUDET Olivier                                                          Postal address :     
                                                                                                            INRA - IJPB                                                
                                                               Route de Saint Cyr
                      Phone: 33 - 1 30 83 32 17                                            78000 Versailles
                      Fax: 33 - 1 30 83 33 19                                                 FRANCE


                      May'10: French TV documentary involving Olivier's lab broadcasted on ARTE
                                   + Bonus Video of collecting Arabidopsis in Kyrgyzstan !

                      May'10: New gene duplication story by Daniela Vlad et al. published in PLoS Genetics

                      Sept'09: INRA award 'Laurier Jeune Chercheur' to Olivier's lab:  Portrait  /  Movie portrait (english) / 
                                    Movie portrait (french) [Altern. format]  /  Ceremony Speech (french) [Altern. format]

                      Sept'09: Olivier speaks on 'France Info' (French news radio).  Audio file.

                      July'09: Lab gets 1.742 M€ grant over 2010-2015 from the European Research Council  /  Press Release

                      Jan'09: Science Now highlights Bikard et al., Science, 2009

                      Jan'09: Genetic incompatibility published in Science ! Press release

                Lab pictures:







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