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Systematic List

The scale bar drawn on all pictures represents 5 cm unless otherwise stated.

Species found in: Guadeloupe (and dependencies). Guadeloupe and Martinique.


Protambulyx strigilis Linnaeus


Agrius cingulatus Fabricius
Neococytius cluentius Cramer
Cocytius duponchel Poey
Cocytius antaeus Drury
Manduca sexta Linnaeus
Manduca rustica Fabricius


Pseudosphinx tetrio Linnaeus
Erinnyis alope Drury
Erinnyis lassauxi Boisduval
Erinnyis ello Linnaeus
Erinnyis oenotrus Cramer
Erinnyis crameri Schaus
Erinnyis obscura Fabricius
Pachylia ficus Linnaeus
Pachylia syces Hübner
Madoryx oiclus Cramer
Enyo lugubris Fabricius
Enyo ocypete Linnaeus
Cautethia noctuiformis Walker
Perigonia lusca Fabricius
Aellopos tantalus Linnaeus
Aellopos fadus Cramer
Eumorpha obliqua Rothschild and Jordan
Eumorpha vitis Linnaeus
Eumorpha fasciata Sulzer
Eumorpha labruscae Linnaeus
Xylophanes pluto Fabricius
Xylophanes chiron Drury
Xylophanes tersa Drury
Hyles lineata Fabricius


The subfamilies of the Sphingidae are drawn from Minet, J. 1994. The Bombycoidea: phylogeny and higher classification (Lepidoptera: Glossata). Entomol. Scand. 25: 63-88.
The systematics and biology of our West-Indian hawk-moths have been reviewed by Mr. Jean Haxaire.

Several studies deal with the Sphingidae of the French Antilles. Much of the data about the hawk-moths of the Antilles was drawn from the book by R. Pinchon and P. Enrico, 1969. Faune des Antilles Françaises. Les Papillons, Fort de France 258 pp.. The chapter on Sphingidae was written by P. Pinchon, it includes data on host-plants and Caribbean distribution, with 3 photographic plates of poor quality. This work lists 31 species, but 2 of them are considered by ourselves as extreme morphs of already listed species (Perigonia lefebraei and Cocytius henrici).
A systematic list has been previously published by d'Aguilar (d'Aguilar J., 1966. Catalogue raisonné des insectes des Antilles Françaises, 1 Lépidoptères: Sphingidae. Ann. Epiphyties, 17: 251-262.) which describes specimens from the INRA collection. This catalogue contains line drawings (by R. Préchac) and cites 28 species.
The most recent work is the catalogue by Chalumeau and Delplanque: Chalumeau F. and Delplanque A., 1974. Catalogue raisonné des Sphingidae des Antilles Françaises. Bull. Soc. Linn. Lyon, 43 (4): 121-128 and 43 (5): 156-167. This work cites 33 species, adding Aellopos fadus in the French Antilles fauna, with the description of a new subspecies from Guadeloupe: Eumorpha obliqua guadelupensis.

The hawk-moths described in our Catalogue have been identified by Mr. Jean Haxaire. One species, Cauthetia noctuiformis, was not previously recorded in the work of Chalumeau and Delplanque, and 3 species fall in synonymy.

The host-plant records in the French Antilles are generally drawn from Pinchon and Enrico, 1969. Other records on host-plants in continental America can be found in Moss A.M., 1920. Sphingidae of Para, Brazil. Novit. Zool. 27: 333-424, or Haxaire J. and Rasplus J.Y., 1986-1987. Contribution à la connaissance des Sphingidae de Guyane Française. Bull. Soc. entomol. France. Part 1: 1986 91: 275-285. Part 2: 1987 92: 45-55.
The plant names follow the book by Fournet, J. 1978. Flore illustrée des phanérogames de Guadeloupe et Martinique, 1654 pp., INRA Paris.

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