( = Attacidae)

One species only in the French Antilles:
Scale bar: 5 cm
Martinique, Fonds-St-Denis, Deux Choux, 27-VIII-84

Rothschildia erycina Shaw

ssp. luciana Rothschild


Rothschildia erycina balatana Bouvier

Biology and distribution

Larva on Exostemma sanctae-luciae, (Rubiaceae) (Pinchon and Enrico).

Martinique: uncommon in hygrophilic zone. Not reported from Guadeloupe.

St-Lucia (type specimen of luciana), St-Vincent (the R. erycina reported by Hampson were probably R. e. luciana).

Tropical America.



This species was described (R. e. balatana) in the book by R. Pinchon and P. Enrico, 1969. Faune des Antilles Françaises. Les Papillons, Fort de France 258 pp. The identification was confirmed by Dr C. Lemaire (Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris).

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