Mexico, Jalapa, 1910. Coll. J. Germain, Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris.

Pachylia syces Hübner

ssp. syces (Hübner 1822)

Sphingidae Macroglossinae

Detail of the hindwings

Pachylia syces
Pachylia ficus

Biology and distribution

Larva on Moraceae (Cecropia, Artocarpus, Ficus).

This species has never been caught in Guadeloupe at our knowledge:
A specimen from Vernou (Chalumeau), is reported as P. syces in Chalumeau and Delplanque (1974), but the drawing in the catalogue represents P. ficus (the correct ficus identification was confirmed later by Chalumeau (Haxaire, personal communication)).
The specimen reported by d'Aguilar from Petit-Bourg as P. syces insularis is P. ficus (Haxaire det. in coll. INRA, Montpellier).

Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica (P. syces insularis Rothschild & Jordan).

From Mexico to Uruguay (P. syces syces).

Similar species

Pachylia ficus (hindwings with a light band).
Eumorpha obliqua (hindwings without white spot).

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