Martinique, Fonds-St-Denis, Deux-Choux, 17-V-83

Manduca rustica (Fabricius 1775)

ssp. harterti (Rothschild 1894)

Sphingidae Sphinginae

Biology and distribution

Larva on Tabebuia pallida (Lindl.) Myers. (Bignoniaceae), also on Verbenaceae, Boraginaceae, Convolvulaceae and Lamiaceae.

The subspecies M. r. harterti is endemic from the Lesser Antilles. It is paler (forewings) than M. r. rustica.

Fairly common in Guadeloupe and Martinique.
St-Martin, St-Bartholomew, Marie-Galante.

Throughout the Lesser Antilles (M. r. harterti) and the Greater Antilles (M. r. cubana (Wood)).

From United States to Uruguay (M. r. rustica), Galapagos Is. (M. r. calapagensis (Holland)).


Similar species

Manduca sexta (5 pairs of yellow patches on the abdomen)

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