Trapping of Lepidoptera

Automatic traps in Guadeloupe (Sphingidae, Arctiidae, Notodontidae and Noctuidae)

Automatic light traps were set up in Guadeloupe from January 1983 to December 1985.

The traps ("Ellisco traps"), used 4 actinic fluorescent tubes powered by a car battery. Trapping was generally performed once a month (three times a month in Devarieux), during one night.

The 4 trapping sites are shown as blue circles on the map:


The histograms indicate the mean of monthly catches, cumulated over all 4 trapping sites during 3 years.

The numbers shown next to the 4 blue sites on the map correspond to the mean number of catches per trapping night. They provide data on relative abundance between sites, but do not indicate actual abundance, because the efficiency of light traps may vary between species.

Other catches

Other catches are shown as crosses on the maps and correspond to occasional catches. Discharge lamps (mercury vapour lamps) were generally used and street lights were used in built up areas. These catches often deal with uncommon species and neglect common species, they thus provide qualitative data only.

The red crosses indicate our own catches, and the green crosses correspond to data from the literature or personal communications.

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