Guadeloupe, Petit-Bourg, Duclos, 3-II-70 (A. Delplanque leg.).


Guadeloupe, Petit-Bourg, Duclos, 7-X-74 (A. Delplanque leg.).

Images scanned by A. Delplanque.

Erinnyis oenotrus (Cramer 1782)

Sphingidae Macroglossinae

Detail of the hindwings

Erinnyis crameri
Erinnyis oenotrus

Biology and distribution

Larva on Apocynaceae.

Guadeloupe, rare (Chalumeau, Delplanque, Pinchon).
Not reported elsewhere in the Lesser Antilles.
E. oenotrus is perhaps the species reported from Petit-Bourg by d'Aguilar under the name E. domingonis (see also E. obscura).

Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto-Rico.

From southern United States to Paraguay.


Similar species

Erinnyis crameri

The black margin of hindwings is sharpened in crameri and shaded off in oenotrus.

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