Guadeloupe, St-Claude, Bains Jaunes, 1-IV-84

Eumorpha obliqua (Rothschild & Jordan 1903)

ssp. guadelupensis Chalumeau & Delplanque 1974

Sphingidae Macroglossinae

Biology and distribution

Larva on Vitaceae (Cissus sicyoides).

The population of Guadeloupe is completely isolated from continental populations. The subspecies guadelupensis differs from E. o. obliqua by its larger size, its uncontrasted colouration and slight but constant differences in male genitalia (Chalumeau and Delplanque).

Fairly common in Guadeloupe, in hygrophilic zone. Not reported elsewhere in the Antilles.


From Mexico to Southern Brazil.


Similar species

Pachylia syces (hindwings with a white spot).
Pachylia ficus (hindwings with a white spot).

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