Guadeloupe, Deshaies, Morne Bois d'Inde, 26-I-83.


Martinique, Le Diamant, Ancinel, 1-IX-98, G. Chovet leg.

Appias drusilla (Cramer, 1777)

ssp. boydi W.P. Comstock, 1943 : Guadeloupe.
ssp. comstocki Dillon, 1947 : Martinique.

Pieridae Pierinae

Florida White

Biology and distribution

Larva on Capparis flexuosa (Capparidaceae) and Drypetes alba (Euphorbiaceae) in Jamaica (Turner).

Uncommon in Martinique (A.d. comstocki ) and Guadeloupe (A.d. boydi).

St-Kitts, Montserrat, Saba and St-Lucia (A.d. boydi?), Dominica (A.d. comstocki ), Grenada (A.d. monomorpha Hall).
Bahamas Is., Cuba and Cayman Is. (A.d. poeyi Butler), Jamaica (A.d. castalia (Fabricius)), Hispaniola, Puerto-Rico and Virgin Is. (A.d. boydi).

Florida (A.d. neumoegeni (Skinner)) and continental America, from the south of the United States to Brazil.


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