Guadeloupe, Petit-Bourg, Hauteurs Lézarde, 3-I-1986.

Historis odius (Fabricius, 1775)

ssp. orion (Fabricius, 1775).

Nymphalidae Nymphalinae


Biology and distribution

Larva on Cecropia peltata (Moraceae). The adults are attracted by fermenting fruits.

Rare in Martinique (Pinchon & Enrico), but fairly common in Guadeloupe (mesophilic and hygrophilic zones).

Dominica, St-Lucia, Bardados (E. Massiah), Grenada: H. o. orion.
Throughout the Greater Antilles: H. o. odius.

From the south of the United States to Argentina (H. o. orion).


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