Venezuela, Estado Aragua, Rancho Grande, 13/17-VII-81, B. Lalanne-Cassou leg.

Melipotis acontioides (Guenée, 1852)

Noctuidae Ophiderinae


Melipotis sinualis Harvey
ssp. producta Hayes

Biology and distribution

Larva on flamboyant tree, Delonix regia (Cesalpiniaceae).

This species is uncommon in xerophilic zones of Guadeloupe. However, outbreaks have been observed recently, resulting in important damage to flamboyant trees in Guadeloupe (J. Etienne, personal communication).

Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto-Rico, Virgin Islands.

Throughout tropical and subtropical America, from the south of the United States (type specimen of M. sinualis) to Argentina, Galapagos Is. (ssp. producta).


Male genitalia (JPG 77 Kb).
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