Guadeloupe, St-François, Devarieux, 29-XI-84.

Gonodonta nutrix (Stoll, 1780)

Noctuidae Ophiderinae


Gonodonta acmeptera (Sepp)

Biology and distribution

Larva on Annona glabra, A. squamosa, A. diversifolia, Brunfelsia undulata and tomatoes. The adult moths pierce fruit cuticle with their proboscis. They are sometimes reported as pests on Citrus.

A very rare species in Guadeloupe : three specimens in Devarieux and one in Grands Fonds (Chalumeau).

St-Lucia (Todd, Ryckewaert).

Cuba, Jamaica.

Florida, and from Mexico to Paraguay (Todd,1959).


Male genitalia (JPG 66 Kb).
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