Identification with plates

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Heliothinae, Noctuinae, Hadeninae, Agaristinae, Acontiinae, Cuculliinae Amphipyrinae Ophiderinae - large Ophiderinae - small

The scale bar drawn on all pictures represents 1 cm unless otherwise stated.

List of Subfamilies

Heliothinae (3 species)
Noctuinae (5 species)
Hadeninae (11 species)
Cuculliinae (1 species)
Amphipyrinae (34 species)
Agaristinae (1 species)
Acontiinae (11 species)
Nolinae (1 species)
Sarrothripinae (4 species)
Stictopterinae (1 species)
Euteliinae (5 species)
Plusiinae (6 species)
Catocalinae (13 species)
Ophiderinae (67 species)
Hypeninae (10 species)
Rivulinae (1 species)
Herminiinae (12 species)

Systematic List

Species found in: Guadeloupe (and dependencies). Martinique. Guadeloupe and Martinique.


Heliothis virescens (Fabricius, 1777)
Heliothis subflexa (Guenée, 1852)
Helicoverpa zea (Boddie, 1850)
Noctuinae Tandilia rodea (Schaus, 1894)
Anicla infecta (Ochsenheimer, 1816)
Agrotis repleta Walker, 1857
Agrotis subterranea (Fabricius, 1794)
Agrotis malefida Guenée, 1852
Hadeninae Xanthopastis timais (Cramer, 1780)
Eriopyga herbuloti Le Duchat d'Aubigny, 1992
Orthodes vesquesa (Dyar, 1913)
Mamestra soligena Möschler, 1886
Leucania subpunctata (Harvey, 1875)
Leucania chejela (Schaus, 1921)
Leucania dorsalis Walker, 1856
Leucania senescens Möschler, 1890
Leucania humidicola Guenée, 1852
Leucania inconspicua Herrich-Schäffer, 1868
Pseudaletia sequax Franclemont, 1951
Cuculliinae Neogalea sunia (Guenée 1852)
Amphipyrinae Janseodes melanospila (Guenée, 1852)
Antachara diminuta (Guenée, 1852)
Acroria terens (Walker, 1857)
Condica cupentia (Cramer, 1779)
Condica circuita (Guenée, 1852)
Condica albigera (Guenée, 1852)
Condica vacillans (Walker, 1858)
Condica sutor (Guenée, 1852)
Condica concisa (Walker, 1856)
Condica mobilis (Walker, 1856)
Gonodes liquida (Möschler, 1886)
Elaphria devara (Druce, 1898)
Elaphria deltoides (Möschler, 1880)
Elaphria chalcedonia (Hübner, 1808)
Elaphria agrotina (Guenée, 1852)
Elaphria nucicolora (Guenée, 1852)
Catabena vitrina (Walker 1857)
Spodoptera albula (Walker, 1857)
Spodoptera eridania (Stoll, 1782)
Spodoptera dolichos (Fabricius, 1794)
Spodoptera androgea (Stoll, 1782)
Spodoptera latifascia (Walker, 1856)
Spodoptera ornithogalli (Guenée, 1852)
Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith, 1797)
Spodoptera exigua (Hübner, 1808)
Micrathetis triplex (Walker, 1857)
Magusa orbifera (Walker, 1857)
Callopistria mexicana Druce, 1889
Callopistria floridensis (Guenée, 1852)
Neophaenis meterythra Hampson, 1908
Speocropia scriptura (Walker, 1858)
Cropia infusa (Walker, 1857)
Dipterygia ordinarius (Butler, 1879)
Dipterygia pallida (Dognin, 1907)
Agaristinae Caularis undulans Walker, 1857
Acontiinae Bagisara repanda (Fabricius, 1793)
Spragueia margana (Fabricius, 1794)
Spragueia perstructana (Walker, 1865)
Ponometia exigua (Fabricius, 1793)
Eublemma recta (Guenée, 1852)
Eublemma cinnamomea (Herrich-Schäffer, 1868)
Amyna octo (Guenée, 1852)
Thioptera nigrofimbria (Guenée, 1852)
Tripudia luda (Druce, 1898)
Tripudia quadrifera (Zeller, 1874)
Cydosia nobilitella (Cramer, 1779)
Nolinae Nola bistriga (Möschler, 1890)
Sarrothripinae Collomena filifera (Walker, 1857)
Motya flotsama (Dyar, 1914)
Motya abseuzalis Walker, 1859
Characoma nilotica (Rogenhofer, 1881)
Stictopterinae Nagara clara (Stoll, 1782)
Euteliinae Eutelia ablatrix (Guenée, 1852)
Eutelia piratica Schaus, 1940
Paectes obrotunda (Guenée, 1852)
Paectes arcigera (Guenée, 1852)
Paectes canofusa (Hampson, 1898)
Plusiinae Autoplusia illustrata (Guenée, 1852)
Pseudoplusia includens (Walker, 1857)
Agrapha oxygramma (Geyer, 1832)
Argyrogramma basigera (Walker, 1865)
Argyrogramma verruca (Fabricius, 1794)
Mouralia tinctoides (Guenée, 1852)
Catocalinae Perasia garnoti (Guenée, 1852)
Ptichodes immunis (Guenée, 1852)
Remigia repanda (Fabricius, 1794)
Remigia latipes Guenée, 1852
Mocis megas (Guenée, 1852)
Ophisma tropicalis Guenée, 1852
Achaea ablunaris (Guenée, 1852)
Metria decessa (Walker, 1857)
Metria permixta (Schaus, 1911)
Zale fictilis (Guenée, 1852)
Zale erilda Schaus, 1940
Zale strigimacula (Guenée, 1852)
Zale peruncta (Guenée, 1852)
Ophiderinae  Toxonprucha diffundens (Walker, 1858)
Kakopoda progenies (Guenée, 1852)
Synalamis toulgoeti Lalanne-Cassou, 1992
Coenipeta bibitrix (Hübner, 1823)
Peteroma carilla Schaus, 1901
Selenisa sueroides (Guenée, 1852)
Lesmone porcia (Stoll, 1790)
Lesmone formularis (Geyer, 1837)
Lesmone cinerea (Butler, 1878)
Lesmone hinna (Geyer, 1837)
Ascalapha odorata (Linnaeus, 1758)
Letis hypnois (Hübner, 1821)
Letis mycerina (Cramer, 1777)
Hemeroblemma opigena (Drury, 1773)
Hypocala andremona (Stoll, 1781)
Panula inconstans Guenée, 1852
Melipotis acontioides (Guenée, 1852)
Melipotis contorta (Guenée, 1852)
Melipotis goniosema (Hampson, 1926)
Melipotis famelica (Guenée, 1852)
Melipotis ochrodes (Guenée, 1852)
Melipotis januaris (Guenée, 1852)
Melipotis fasciolaris (Hübner, 1825)
Massala asema Hampson, 1926
Massala obvertens (Walker, 1858)
Epidromia pannosa Guenée, 1852
Syllectra congemmalis Hübner, 1823
Syllectra erycata (Cramer, 1780)
Coenobela paucula (Walker, 1858)
Ephyrodes cacata Guenée, 1852
Antiblemma concinnula (Walker, 1865)
Antiblemma imitans (Walker, 1858)
Azeta repugnalis (Hübner, 1825)
Anticarsia gemmatalis Hübner, 1818
Metallata absumens (Walker, 1862)
Renodes liturata (Walker, 1865)
Renodes aequalis (Walker, 1865)
Dyomyx jugator Le Duchat d'Aubigny, 1992
Eulepidotis superior (Guenée, 1852)
Eulepidotis modestula (Herrich-Schäffer, 1869)
Eulepidotis addens (Walker, 1858)
Obrima pyraloides Walker, 1856
Baniana ostia Druce, 1898
Baniana veluticollis Hampson, 1898
Concana mundissima Walker, 1857
Diphthera festiva (Fabricius, 1775)
Litoprosopus bahamensis Hampson, 1926
Hemicephalis characteria (Stoll, 1790)
Alabama argillacea (Hübner, 1823)
Anomis editrix (Guenée, 1852)
Anomis illita Guenée, 1852
Anomis impasta Guenée, 1852
Eudocima materna (Linnaeus, 1767)
Gonodonta incurva (Sepp, 1840)
Gonodonta bidens Geyer, 1832
Gonodonta parens Guenée, 1852
Gonodonta nutrix (Stoll, 1780)
Gonodonta sicheas (Cramer, 1777)
Plusiodonta thomae Guenée, 1852
Parachabora abydas (Herrich-Schäffer, 1869)
Radara nealcesalis (Walker, 1859)
Radara tauralis (Walker, 1865)
Makapta varians (Hampson, 1926)
Phyprosopus tristriga (Herrich-Schäffer, 1868)
Metalectra praecisalis Hübner, 1823
Metalectra analis Schaus, 1916
Isogona scindens (Walker, 1858)
Hypeninae Glympis eubolialis (Walker, 1865)
Ommatochila mundula (Zeller, 1872)
Hormoschista latipalpis (Walker, 1858)
Hemeroplanis scopulepes Haworth, 1809
Hypena porrectalis (Fabricius, 1794)
Hypena minualis Guenée, 1854
Hypena abjuralis Walker, 1858
Hypena loxo Druce, 1890
Hypena androna Druce, 1890
Hypena vetustalis Guenée, 1854
Rivulinae Rivula pusilla Möschler, 1890
Herminiinae Rejectaria karukerensis Lalanne-Cassou, 1992
Palthis angustipennis Schaus, 1916
Lascoria orneodalis (Guenée, 1854)
Phlyctaina irrigualis Möschler, 1890
Mastigophorus latipennis Herrich-Schaffer, 1870
Lophophora clanymoides Möschler, 1890
Physula albipunctilla Schaus, 1916
Thursania grandirenalis Schaus, 1916
Bleptina hydrillalis Guenée, 1854
Bleptina araealis (Hampson, 1901)
Tetanolita borgesalis (Walker, 1859)
Phalaenophana eudorealis (Guenée, 1854)
Fifteen species will be added to this list as soon as they have been properly identified or described..


There is no catalogue dealing with the noctuid moths of the French Antilles, nor general book to identify them.
The work by Eichlin and Cunningham (1978) leads to the identification of the Plusiinae, Todd's work (1959) concerns the genus Gonodonta (Ophiderinae), and the paper by Todd and Poole (1980) describes species of Spodoptera (Amphipyrinae).

The Hadeninae belonging to the genus Leucania have been identified by M.S. Adams, after his revision of the genus (Annals of the Carnegie Museum, in press).

The other species presented here were identified by Bernard Lalanne-Cassou, by comparison with type-specimens held in the collections of natural history museums: British Museum (Natural History) in London (BMNH), United States National Museum in Washington (USNM), Museum für Naturkunde der Humbolt-Universität in Berlin (MNHU), Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris (MNHN).
We are pleased to thank all lepidopterists who welcomed and helped us: R.W. Poole, J.G. Franclemont and M.S. Adams in the United States; A. Watson, I.J. Kitching, M. Honey, D. Goodger and A. Hayes in London; H.J. Hannemann and W. Mey in Berlin ; J. Minet, H. de Toulgoët and P. Viette in Paris.

The names and systematics follow the work by Robert W. Poole (1989), except for Leucania.

The following works were useful for the identification:

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