Guadeloupe, Petit-Bourg, Hauteurs Lézarde, 17-XII-84

Xanthopastis timais (Cramer, 1780)

Noctuidae Hadeninae


Xanthopastis amaryllidis (Sepp)
Xanthopastis heterocampa (Guenée)
Xanthopastis regnatrix (Grote)
Xanthopastis antillium Dyar
Xanthopastis moctezuma Dyar

Biology and distribution

Larva on Liliaceae and Amaryllidaceae, reported also on Ficus spp. in continental America.

Everywhere in Guadeloupe and Martinique (Pinchon, 1969), more frequent in gardens on cultivated lilies.

Dominica, Trinidad.
Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto-Rico, Virgin Islands.

From the United States to Brazil.

Male genitalia (JPG 21 Ko).
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