Montserrat, Blakes Estate, 13-XII-83

Leucania humidicola Guenée, 1852

Noctuidae Hadeninae


A correct identification in this genus needs an examination of genitalic structures. Furthermore, the genus Leucania has been revised for the Caribbean region (M. S. Adams, 1997, Annals of the Carnegie Museum, in press). Many synonyms in Poole's catalogue (1989) appear as valid species in this revision. All species presented here have been identified by M.S. Adams. Due to the puzzling situation in this group, the bibliographic data concerning biology and distribution are doubtful. The data presented here concern specimens caught by ourselves, or dissected by ourselves from older collections.

Biology and distribution

A species found in xerophilic zone only.

Uncommon in Guadeloupe. One specimen caught in Martinique (Presqu'île de la Caravelle).
St-Martin, St-Bartholomew.

St-Kitts, Montserrat.

The type specimen of L. humidicola was described from French Guyana.


Male genitalia (JPG 28 Ko).

Similar species

Leucania spp.

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