Guadeloupe, Piton de Ste-Rose, 22-XI-84

Helicoverpa zea (Boddie, 1850)

Noctuidae Heliothinae


Helicoverpa obsoleta (Fabricius)
Helicoverpa umbrosus (Grote)
Helicoverpa stombleri (Okumura & Bauer)

Biology and distribution

Larva polyphagous.

Found everywhere in Guadeloupe, common in xerophilic zone. It might be the species reported by Pinchon (1969) from Martinique (Chloridea sp.).

Throughout the Lesser Antilles.
Jamaica, Dominican Republic.

From Canada (corn earworm) to South America.


The sex pheromone produced by the female moths has been described (Klun et al, 1980, J. chem. Ecol., 6: 165-175; Teal et al., 1986, Can. Entomol., 116: 777-779.). It consists of:

Source: Pherolist, a database on sex pheromones of Lepidoptera and related attractants.
Male genitalia (JPG 25 Ko).
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