Les Saintes, Terre-de-Bas, 31-I-84

Characoma nilotica (Rogenhofer, 1881)

Noctuidae Sarrothripinae


Characoma chamaeleon (Möschler)
Characoma littora (Bethune-Baker)
Characoma laurea (Druce)
Characoma proteella (Dyar)

Biology and distribution

Host plants unknown in the Antilles, reported in Canada on Rhododendron and Salix (Rockburne & Lafontaine, 1976).

Common in Guadeloupe, especially in xerophilic zone. Martinique (Fonds St-Denis: Deux Choux).
Les Saintes: Terre-de-Bas, St-Bartholomew.

St-Kitts, Montserrat, Dominica.
Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto-Rico (type specimen of C. chamaeleon).

A cosmopolitan species (the type specimen of C. nilotica was described from Egypt), which reaches Canada northwards.


Male genitalia (JPG 34 Ko).
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