Colombia, Cesar, San Alberto, 2-III-87, P. Zagatti leg.


Laboratory strain, ex Honduras, 3-X-94.

Spodoptera albula (Walker, 1857)

Noctuidae Amphipyrinae


Spodoptera sunia auct. nec Guenée
Spodoptera orbicularis (Walker)
Spodoptera caudata (Walker)


The species described by Guenée (Xylomyges sunia) was a Cucullinae known as Neogalea esula (Druce), (type specimen in the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris).

Biology and distribution

Polyphagous larva, easily reared on Amaranthus.

Common in xerophilic zone in Guadeloupe.
Martinique: Fonds St-Denis: Deux Choux.

St-Kitts, Antigua, Dominica, St-Lucia, St-Vincent, Grenada.
Throughout the Greater Antilles (Dominican Republic: type specimen of S. albula).

From the south of the United States to tropical America: Colombia, Brazil, French Guyana.



The sex pheromone produced by the female moths has been described without biological evaluation (Bestmann et al, 1988, J. chem. Ecol., 14: 683-690, under the name of Spodoptera sunia). It consists of:

Source: Pherolist, a database on sex pheromones and attractants in Lepidoptera.
Male genitalia (JPG 63 Kb).

Similar species

Antachara diminuta : Dark border on hindwings.
Spodoptera eridania : Base of forewings without black line.
Spodoptera spp.

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