Guadeloupe, Petit Bourg, Route forestière de Grosse Montagne, 11-III-83.

Callopistria floridensis (Guenée, 1852)

Noctuidae Amphipyrinae


Callopistria elegantulus (Herrich-Schäffer)
Callopistria strena Grote

Biology and distribution

Larva on ferns.

Common in Guadeloupe in hygrophilic and mesophilic zones.
Martinique: (Fonds St-Denis: Deux Choux; le Morne Rouge).
Marie-Galante, St-Martin.

St-Kitts, Montserrat, Dominica, St-Lucia, St-Vincent.
Jamaica, Dominican Republic , Puerto-Rico.

From the south of the United States to Argentina.


Male genitalia (JPG 65 Kb).
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