Pierre Zagatti, Bernard Lalanne-Cassou and Jeanne le Duchat d'Aubigny

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This catalogue will present all species of macrolepidoptera found in Martinique, Guadeloupe and their dependencies. It is mainly based on collections made by J. le Duchat d'Aubigny and B. Lalanne-Cassou during their six years stay in Guadeloupe.
Each species is illustrated as colour pictures from collection specimens, and presented with all biological data available (host-plants, frequencies, distribution, behaviour). Slides of male genitalia are shown when direct identification is more difficult. The catalogue shows also photographic identification keys for all families.

Each specimen is presented with a scale bar of 1 cm (5 cm for Sphingidae and larger moths). All specimens illustrated have been caught by J. le Duchat d'Aubigny and B. Lalanne-Cassou from 1980 and 1986, unless otherwise stated.

Index of scientific names

List of families available



Papilionoidea - Butterflies



Development of the catalogue

The Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of the French Antilles will be achieved owing to the active collaboration of specialists of the neotropical fauna, who identified the species and added many biological data, sometimes unpublished.
We are deeply indebted to Jean Haxaire (Sphingidae), Claude Herbulot ( Geometridae), Paul Thiaucourt (Notodontidae) and Hervé de Toulgoët (Arctiidae).

Collection of data
Analysis of data


We wish to gratefully acknowledge all colleagues who welcomed and helped us: in the United States, E.L. Todd and R.W Poole (United States National Museum in Washington), J.G. Franclemont (Cornell University) and M.S. Adams ; in London, A. Watson, I.J. Kitching, M. Honey, D. Goodger and A. Hayes (British Museum, Natural History) ; in Berlin, H.J. Hannemann and W. Mey (Museum für Naturkunde der Humboldt-Universität) ; in Paris, C. Lemaire, J. Minet, H. de Toulgoët and P. Viette (Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle).
We thanks also the entomologists who sent us their data (Fortuné Chalumeau, Gérard Chovet, Francis Deknuydt, André Delplanque, Jean Etienne, Henri Griffon, Jean-Claude Malausa, Philippe Ryckewaert) or their comments.
Thanks also to Philip Butler, (Translation Service of INRA), who reviewed the English texts and to Caroline Malotaux who helped us to develop this database on the INRA server.

This is an interactive server. Some data might be wrong, or need to be updated.

You may send your comments directly at  webpapillon @ jouy.inra.fr (without spaces).

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