Wingspan greater than 30 mm, greyish species.

Ametris nitocris
Erastria decrepitaria

Wingspan smaller than 30 mm.

A broad and irregular black border at both wings.

Synchlora cupedinaria
Synchlora isolata

No broad border.

Hindwings with brown spots.

Phrudocentra centrifugaria
Hydata insatisfacta

Hindwings without brown spots.

Reddish fringes.

Oospila confundaria

No reddish fringes.

Brown forehead, white vertex.

Nemoria rectilinea Wingspan greater than 20 mm
Synchlora frondaria Wingspan smaller than 20 mm, a dorsal white line on the first abdominal segments

Green forehead, white vertex.

Synchlora herbaria Wingspan smaller than 15 mm
Eueana simplaria Wingspan greater than 15 mm

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