Nevis, VII-1981, J.-P. Lecerf leg.

Synchlora frondaria Guenée, 1857

Geometridae Geometrinae

Synonyms or individual forms

? denticularia Walker
minuata Walker
albicostaria Herrich-Schäffer
excurvaria Packard
pallida Warren

Biology and distribution

Polyphagous larva, mainly on Asteraceae (Bidens spp., Chrysanthemum spp., Pluchea odorata L.), but also on Rubus spp. (Rosaceae), Sapium spp. (Euphorbiaceae) (Ferguson).


St-Kitts, Nevis, Dominica, St-Vincent, Barbados, Grenada.
Cuba, Cayman Is., Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti, Virgin Islands.

From the United States to Argentina and Uruguay.


Similar species

Green Geometrinae (the dorsal white line on the first abdominal segments is diagnostic of S. frondaria).

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