Guadeloupe, Morne à Louis, 6-I-1984

Halysidota leda (Druce, 1890)

ssp. leda: Guadeloupe

Arctiidae Arctiinae

ssp. enricoi Toulgoët: Martinique

Detail of the tegulae

ssp. leda: Guadeloupe

ssp. enricoi: Martinique

Biology and distribution

Polyphagous larva, found on Cecropia and Miconia (Pinchon and Enrico). Easy to rear with lettuce.

Guadeloupe (H. l. leda) and Martinique (H. l. enricoi): occurs in hygrophilic and mesophilic zones, the most abundant arctiid in Guadeloupe.

Dominica: type specimen of H. l. leda Druce.
Endemic from the Lesser Antilles.



The sex pheromone produced by the female moths (H. l. leda) has been described (Descoins et al., 1989, C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris, III, 309: 577-581.). It consists of:

Source: Pherolist, a database on sex pheromones of Lepidoptera and related attractants.

Similar species

Pseudamastus alsa lalannei (Martinique)
Pseudamastus alsa alsa (Guadeloupe)

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