Martinique, Fonds St Denis, Deux Choux, 27-VIII-1984


Dominica, Laudat, 19-VIII-1984

Hypercompe icasia (Cramer, 1777)

Arctiidae Arctiinae


Hypercompe guadulpensis (Oberthür)

Biology and distribution

The larva is polyphagous. It is sometimes a pest in Martinique on beans, tomatoes and cultivated Solanaceae, recently reported as a pest of banana at Morne-Rouge (Ryckewaert).
The female moth is not caught in light traps.

Martinique: very common everywhere, the most abundant arctiid in Martinique (Ryckewaert).
Guadeloupe: rare: never caught in the automatic traps. More common on the Leeward Coast.

Dominica, St-Kitts, Nevis, St-Thomas.
Puerto Rico.

Widely distributed in South America.


Similar species

Eupseudosoma involuta

Eucereon cyneburge (Ctenuchinae)

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