NEWS: Version 4.0.1 (Jan. 2014) is available for MATLAB, GNU Octave, Scilab and R.
            Changement of Project Forge (Jan. 2018).

Frequently asked questions

How to ask information on MDPtoolbox ?
It possible to communicate via the trackers dedicated at the toolbox.

How to report a bug ?
Please post it in the bug tracker dedicated at the toolbox.

How to acces to the source code of MDPtoolbox ?
It is both possible to browse the code in the project software Forge or to download it on the project listfile in the project software Forge.

How to cite MDPtoolbox ?
Please cite:
Chades I., Chapron G., Cros MJ., Garcia F., Sabbadin R. (2014). MDPtoolbox: a multi-platform toolbox to solve stochastic dynamic programming problems. Ecography 37:916-920.