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African cotton leafworm
Alfalfa snout beetle
Alfalfa sprout midge
Almond aphid
Almond lace bug
Almond tree leaf skeletonizer moth
American blight
American serpentine leaf miner
Apple brown tortrix
Apple bud and leaf mite
Apple bud moth
Apple bud weewil
Apple clearwing moth
Apple grain aphid
Apple fruit weevil, Apple fruit rhynchites
Apple leaf miner
Apple leaf miner
Apple pygmy moth
Apple root aphid
Apple rust mite
Apple sawfly
Apple small ermine moth
Apple twig-cutter
Apple weevil
Apple blossom weevil
Apple-grass aphid
Apricot weevil
Army worm
Artichoke moth
Artichoke pear-shaped weevil
Artichoke root aphid
Asparagus aphid
Asparagus fly, Asparagus maggot
Asparagus moth
Australian mealybug

Bark feeding cutworm
Bean aphid
Bean beetle
Bean bruchid
Bean seed fly
Beet carrion beetle
Beet cyst nematode
Beet fly
Beet leaf aphid
Beet moth
Beet weevil
Bird-cherry aphid
Black bean aphid
Black cherry aphid
Black citrus aphid
Black currant aphid
Black currant leaf midge, Black currant midge
Black cutworm
Black peach aphid
Black plum sawfly
Black scale
Blossom beetle
Blossom beetle
Blotch miner
Blue tit
Brassica pod midge
Bright-line brown-eyes moth
Brown hare
Brown peach aphid
Brown pear aphid
Brown scale
Buckthorn aphid
Bud moth
Burning grape leaf-hopper
Burrowing nematode

Cabbage aphid
Cabbage army moth
Cabbage bug
Cabbage cyst nematode Brassica cyst nematode
Cabbage fly, Cabbage root fly
Cabbage moth
Cabbage seed weevil, Cabbage seedpod weevil
Cabbage stem flea beetle
Cabbage stem weevil
Cabbage white butterfly
California red scale
California scale
Carmine spider mite
Carrion crow
Carrot fly
Carrot root nematode, Carrot cyst nematode
Celery fly
Celery miner fly
Cereal cyst nematode
Cereal ground beetle
Cereal leaf aphid
Cereal leaf beetle
Cereal tortrix moth
Cherry maggot
Cherry sawfly
Chestnut and acorn moth, Chestnut fruit tortrix
Chestnut leaf roller
Chestnut weevil
Chicory fly
Citrus bud mite
Citrus flower moth
Citrus fruit mite
Citrus mussel scale
Citrus root nematode
Citrus whitefly
Citrus young fruit borer
Click beetle
Clover leaf weevil
Clover seed weevil
Codling moth
Coleseed saw-fly
Colorado beetle
Common asparagus beetle
Common cabbage worm
Common cockchafer
Common earwig
Common hare
Common silver y moth
Common swift moth
Common wood mouse
Corn ground beetle
Corn leaf aphid
Corn thrips
Cotton aphid
Cotton whitefly
Cotton worm
Currant aphid
Currant borer
Currant clearwing moth
Currant-sowthistle aphid
Cyclamen mite

Damson-hop aphid
Dark sword-grass moth
Diamond-back moth

European cherry fruit fly
European corn borer
European fruit scale
European fruit scale
European pear sucker
European shot-hole borer
European starling
Eyespotted bud moth

Field vole
Fig bark-beetle
Fig-tree scale
Filbert bud mite
Flatheaded woodborer
Fluted scale
Frit fly
Frosted orange moth
Fruit bark beetle
Fruit tree case moth
Fruit tree red spider mite
Fruit tree tortrix moth
Fruit tree tortrix

Garden dart moth
Garden slug
Garden swift moth
Garden symphylan
German wasp
Glasshouse and potato aphid
Garden symphylan
Glasshouse spider mite
Glasshouse symphilid
Glasshouse whitefly
Goat moth
Gooseberry aphid
Gooseberry moth, Gooseberry fruitworm
Grain aphid
Grain gall midge
Grain thrips
Grape bud moth, Grape cochilis
Grape erineum mite
Grape moth
Grape tortrix
Grape Vesperus
Greasy cutworm
Green apple aphid
Green artichoke aphid
Green budworm
Green citrus aphid
Green pea louse
Green peach aphid
Green pentatomid bug
Greenhouse whitefly
Grey pear scale
Groundnut aphid

Hazel longhorned beetle
Hazelnut aphid
Hazelnut gall mite
Hop aphid
Hornbeam mite
House sparrow

Italian pear scale
Jasmine moth

Large hazel aphid
Large striped flea beetle
Large white butterfly
Larger peach aphid
Leaf curling plum aphid
Leaf nematode
Leaf-rolling Tortrix
Leek moth
Lemon wheat blossom midge
Lentil bruchid
Lentil flower midge
Leopard moth
Lesion nematode
Lettuce aphid
Lettuce root aphid
Little grey slug, Loach
Long-palpi Tortrix
Lucerne (leaf)weevil
Lucerne beetle
Lucerne flower midge

Mangold fly
March crane fly
March moth
Meadow mouse
Meadow nematode
Mealy plum aphid
Mediterranean fruit fly
Melon aphid, Melon and cotton aphid
Migrant root worm
Mole cricket
Mussel scale

Nut weevil

Oleander scale
Old World bollworm
Olive bark beetle
Olive bark midge
Olive fruit fly
Olive fruit midge
Olive geometrid moth
Olive kernel borer, Olive moth
Olive psyllid
Olive pyralid moth
Olive thrips
Olive weevil
Olive whitefly
Onion fly
Onion moth
Onion thrips
Orange wheat blossom midge
Oriental peach moth, Oriental fruit moth
Oystershell scale

Palm scale
Papaya aulacaspis
Pea aphid
Pea and bean weevil
Pea beetle
Pea midge
Pea moth
Pea root nematode, Pea cyst nematode
Pea thrips
Pea weevil
Peach scale
Peach thrips
Peach twig borer
Peach weevil
Pear bark aphid
Pear bedstraw aphid
Pear bud weevil
Pear lace bug
Pear leaf blister mite
Pear leaf-(curling) midge
Pear (gall) midge
Pear phylloxera
Pear sawfly
Pear-grass aphid
Pear leaf blister moth
Pear-shaped pea weevil
Permanent currant aphid
Pernicious scale
Pine chafer
Plum fruit moth
Plum tree bud mite
Pollen beetle
Pollen beetle
Potato aphid
Potato root nematode, Potato cyst nematode
Potato split-worm
Potato tuber nematode
Potato tuberworm
Pygmy mangold beetle

Rape beetle
Rape stem weevil
Raspberry beetle
Raspberry cane midge
Red cabbage bug
Red foxtail midge
Red meadow grass midge
Red plum maggot
Ribbed apple leaf miner
Root knot nematode
Rose leaf roller, Rose tortrix moth
Rose-grain aphid
Rosy apple aphid
Rye thrips

Saddle gall midge
San José scale
Seedcorn maggot
Shallot aphid
Shot-hole borer
Silver y moth
Small cereal leaf beetle
Small olive leaf miner
Small red-belted clearwing moth
Small walnut aphid
Small white butterfly
South American miner fly, South American leaf miner
Spiraea aphid
Spotted snake millipede
Spotted tentiform miner
Stem nematode
Strawberry aphid
Strawberry blossom weevil
Strawberry bud nematode, Strawberry eelworm
Strawberry buprestid
Strawberry ground beetle
Strawberry mite
Strawberry root aphid
Striped turnip flea beetle
Striped elaterid beetle
Stubby root nematodes
Summer fruit tortrix moth
Sunflower moth
Swede midge

Thistle aphid
Tobacco whitefly
Tomato fruitworm
Tomato russet mite
Turnip flea beetle
Turnip gall weevil
Turnip maggot, Turnip root fly
Turnip moth
Twelve-spotted asparagus beetle

Vine leaf blister mite
Vine leafhopper
Vine leafhopper
Vine moth
Vine moth
Vine snail
Vine weevil

Wasp moth
West African pink borer
Western flower thrips
Wheat bulb fly
Wheat curl mite
Wheat midge
Wheat thrips
White garden snail
White mulberry scale
Wild crab leaf miner
Willow beauty moth
Willow borer
Winter moth
Wood pigeon
Woolly aphid, Woolly apple aphid
Woolly whitefly

Xanthous cutworm

Yellow plum sawfly
Yellow wheat blossom midge


HYPPZ on line: Species (scientific names), Glossary, Crops.

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