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Aphididae, Callaphididae, Pemphigidae

[R] Aphids associated with woody and herbaceous plants; only sexual females oviparous (able to lay winter eggs); otherwise viviparous. Aphids exhibit marked polymorphism, differences in behaviour and modes of reproduction (*) as well as the phenomenon of heteroecy. The life cycles of some species are complicated by the fact that some or all clones do not produce sexual forms (anholocyclic species). Aphids often occur in dense colonies.
The Aphididae include various pests, some of which are extremely feared owing to the viruses that they transmit. The most important species in France are the following:.
- 2 very polyphagous species: the black bean aphid (Aphis fabae) and the peach-potato aphid (Myzus persicae);.
- soft-fruits aphids: the strawberry root aphid (A. forbesi), the gooseberry aphid (A. grossulariae), the permanent currant aphid (A. schneideri), the strawberry aphid (Chaetosiphon fragaefolii), the red currant blister aphid (Cryptomyzus ribis) and the currant-sow-thistle aphid (Hyperomyzus lactucae);.
- pomaceous aphids: the green apple aphid (A. pomi), the rosy apple aphid (Dysaphis plantaginea), the pear-bedstraw aphid (D. pyri), the pear-grass aphid (Melanaphis pyrarius) and the apple-grass aphid (Rhopalosiphum insertum);.
-plum aphids: the leaf-curling plum aphid (Brachycaudus helichrysi), the black peach aphid (B. persicae), the brown peach aphid (B. prunicola), the mealy plum aphid (Hyalopterus pruni), the cherry blackfly (Myzus cerasi), the peach-potato aphid (M. persicae), the larger peach aphid (M. varians), the damson hop aphid (Phorodon humuli);.
-citrus aphids: the (Aphis spiraecola) and the (Toxoptera aurantii);.
-the large hazel aphid (Corylobium avellanae);.
-cereal aphids: the rose-grain aphid (Metopolophium dirhodum), the bird-cherry aphid (Rhopalosiphum padi) and the grain aphid (Sitobion avenae);.
-pests of other field crops: the pea aphid (Acyrthosiphon pisum), the (Aphis gossypii), the glasshouse and potato aphid (Aulacorthum solani), which is harmful to potato, the thistle aphid (Brachycaudus cardui), the cabbage aphid (Brevicoryne brassicae), the green artichoke aphid (Capitophorus horni), the potato aphid (Macrosiphum euphorbiae), the shallot aphid (Myzus ascalonicus) and the (Nasonovia ribis-nigri).

[R] Images

* Aphid rostrum (Aphidoidea) (INRA)
Ventral view.
Rostrum at rest between fore and mid coxae.
a: rostrum; b: antenna (sectionned); c: compound eye; d: fore leg and mid leg.

* Aphids (Aphidoidea) (INRA)
1: apterous parthenogenetic female; winged parthenogenetic female.
a: cauda; b: siphunculus; c: antennal tubercle; d: antenna; e: spiracles.

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