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[R] Syn.: depredations.
Harm caused by a pest to a plant, generally as a result of feeding.
Direct damage comprises:.
-attack affecting part or all of a plant;.
-injection of toxic saliva into the plant which leads to the destruction, distortion and discoloration of the tissues.
Pests also cause indirect damage including:.
-the transmission of viruses (especially important in this are the Homoptera);.
-scorches caused by the honeydew produced by the Homoptera;.
-sooty moulds, which appear as black fungi developing on the honeydew.
The nature of the damage caused depends on:.
-the feeding habits of the pest ( mouthparts of insects and mites, beaks of birds, incisors of rodents);.
- whether the pest lives inside or outside the plant (leaf-miners, borers, xylophagous insects, etc.);.
-the plant reaction: galls, various distortions.

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