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Xiphinema spp.
Nematoda, Dorylaimida, Dorylaimidae .


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- Large-sized nematodes provided with a hollow mouth spear with which they pierce the host's roots (*) . The female is 2.0-2.5 mm long and the male 2-3 mm long. They are bisexual, a population comprising 50 times more females than males.

- These nematodes live as ectophytes in the rhizospheres (*) and feed by inserting their mouth tooth in the radicles.
They do not penetrate the root but simply use their mouth spear. They travel in the soil from one root to the other and are also capable of transmitting viruses from plant to plant.
- is present in all types of vineyard and is a vector of GFLV.
- is another species which transmits arabis mosaic virus (AMV).

[R]Life Cycle
-Xiphinema species live deep in the soil and have an annual life-cycle.

- These nematodes are not directy damaging but are of considerable importance as vectors of viruses. They constitute a major problem in all vineyards where vine growers fight against them by systematically disinfecting soils before replanting.
DE: Nadelälchen ES: Nemátodos vectores de virus FR: Nématodes vecteurs de virus IT: Nematodi vettori di virus PT: Xifinema da videira GB: Xiphinema

[R] Images

  1. Xiphinema index Thorne & Allen (INRA)
    Individual not in contact with the soil
  2. Xiphinema index Thorne & Allen (INRA)
    Attack on roots of fig

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