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Hyalopterus pruni (Geoffroy)
Hyalopterus arundinis (F.)

Insecta, Homoptera, Aphididae .

Mealy plum aphid

Description, Biology, Life Cycle, Damage, Common Names, Images

- Apterous adult: 2.5-3 mm long; egg-shaped, narrow, pale green and mealy-coated (*) ; eyes brownish-red; antennae as long as half the body; cauda cone-shaped and twice as long as siphunculi; siphunculi twice as long as broad.

- A heteroecious species: primary hosts are essentially plum, blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) and more rarely apricot and peach; secondary hosts include reed (Phragmites australis, Arundo donax) and purple moor-grass (Molinia caerulea).
- Winter eggs are deposited in small proportions on the trunks and branches of primary hosts and hatch in mid-April. 2-3 generations of apterae follow each other, dense colonies infesting the underside of leaves which exhibit only slight curling and take on a pale green colour (*) .
From the 3rd generation onwards, winged aphids emerge (*) and a migration to secondary host plants takes place. They give rise to apterae which feed on the upper side of leaves.
Winged individuals appear during the summer and spread to reed, etc. From late August onwards, winged sexuparae and males return to primary host-plants.

[R]Life Cycle
Large numbers of aphids are apterous and remain on primary host-plants. Alatae emerge during the summer, not migrating to reed but spreading to other Prunus.

Infestations spread to the foliage, causing premature leaf fall, an atrophy of fruits and a significant loss of vigour of trees.

[R]Common Names
DE: Mehlige Pflaumenlaus ES: Pulgon verde harinoso del ciruelo, Pulgon del ciruelo FR: Puceron farineux du prunier IT: Afide farinoso delle drupacee PT: Piolho farinhento do pessegueiro GB: Mealy plum aphid

[R] Images

  1. Hyalopterus pruni (Geoffroy) (Bouchery Y. / INRA Colmar)
    Colony: adults and nymphs
  2. Hyalopterus pruni (Geoffroy) (Coutin R. / OPIE)
    Colony on leaf of peach
  3. Hyalopterus pruni (Geoffroy) (Bouchery Y. / INRA Colmar)
    Deatailed picture of a colony Winged individuals.

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