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Eurydema ornatum (L.)
Eurydema ornata (auct.)

Insecta, Homoptera, Pentatomidae .

Red cabbage bug

Description, Biology, Life Cycle, Damage, Common Names, Images

- Adult: 7.0 to 8.5 mm long; black head; general reddish appearence covered with small black spots; pronotum with 6 distinct black marks; abdomen black dorsally (*) .
- Egg: small barrel-shape; greyish and black spotted; operculum with a dark centre surrounded by small black spots; sides with 2 black collars (*) .
- Nymph: black after hatching and during the 1st instar; after each moult the nymphal instars become increasingly similar in appearence with the adult.

- Host plants: wild or cultivaded cabbages (Cruciferae) and, less frequent, some gramineous and potato plants.
- Adult: life span 4-6 months; fecundity 50-80 eggs during 5-7 ovipositions.
- Egg: incubation period about 15 days.
- Nymph: from egg hatch to adult emergence takes about 6 weeks and includes 4-5 moults.

[R]Life Cycle
- Usually 2 generations per year.
- Adults hibernate in cracks or crevices in the soil, trees or walls, under stones or fallen leaves. Adults become active as soon as mild temperatures occur, they copulate and oviposition starts 3-5 weeks later.
- Eggs are attached to the underside of the leaves in two rows 8-12 eggs in each oviposition. Recently hatched nymphs stay closed to the egg shells. After the 1st instar they gradually disperse.
- Adults from 1st generation may occur from the end of June to the beginning of July and those of the 2nd generation can emerge from the end of August to the end of October in Portugal.

Red cabbage bugs feed on leaves by puncturing the plant surfaces. Many punctures may cause the complete yellowing of leaves and pods. Young plants heavily attacked may die (*) .

[R]Common Names
DE: Schmuckwanze ES: Chinche roja de la col FR: Punaise rouge du chou IT: Cimice del cavolo PT: Percevejo vermelho das couves GB: Red cabbage bug

[R] Images

  1. Eurydema ornata L. (Coutin R. / OPIE)
    Adults mating On stem of rape.
  2. Eurydema ornata L. (Coutin R. / OPIE)
    Infested cabbage Adults and nymphs are present (arrowed). Leaves tear.
  3. Eurydema ornata L. (Coutin R. / OPIE)
    Nymphs and damage on red cabbage
  4. Eurydema ornata L. (Gambier J. / INRA)
    Egg-laying on leaf of cabbage

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