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Dysaphis plantaginea (Passerini)
Insecta, Homoptera, Aphididae .

Rosy apple aphid

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- Apterous adult: large aphid of 2.5 mm long; globe-shaped; purplish-olive-green to mauve; covered with a whitish pubescence.
Winged adult: dark green with a shiny mottle at the middle of the abdomen; siphunculi long and dark brown; cauda very short and distinctly conical.
Egg: elongate and black.

- This aphid is harmful only to apple; its secondary host plant is plantain, especially Plantago lanceolata.
- Winter eggs are deposited in autumn at the base of buds or under bark. Each hatches when buds swell to produce a fundatrix which gives birth parthenogenetically to about 70 apterous virginoparae. Dense colonies develop on the underside of leaves or on twigs (*) . Apterous virginoparae produce apterous sexuparae, winged sexuparae and males. Alatae grow progressively in numbers and migrate to plantain. Spreading of apterous forms on other trees is ensured by the wind.

[R]Life Cycle
- There are 6-9 generations per year.
- On apple, colonies develop in April, during the blossom period. Alatae appear in late May, migrating to plantain up to late July. Winged adults return to apple from late September to November and produce winter eggs, which represent the overwintering form.

This aphid is a very harmful species, causing severe distortion of plants. Leaves curl up and may drop prematurely (*) , twigs become distorted and natural 'fruit drop' is impeded, fruits remaining attached in large numbers, small and bumpy (*) . Vast quantities of honeydew are also produced and sooty moulds develop upon it.

[R]Common Names
DE: Mehlige Apfelblattlaus, Rosige Apfellaus ES: Pulgón ceniza del Manzano FR: Puceron cendré du pommier IT: Afide grigio del melo PT: Piolho cinzento da macieira GB: Rosy apple aphid

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