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Agromyza spp.
Insecta, Diptera, Agromyzidae .

Miner flies

Description, Biology, Life Cycle, Damage, Common Names, Images

- Adult: length up to 2 mm, small flies, grey or brown, stocky body, clearly divided into three sections, often has a metallic sheen and is decorated with a yellow pattern. In the case where the female has an oviscapt, this has rasps and teeth.
To distinguish this fly from others of similar form, the following characteristics should be noted: in the genus Agromyza, the male, like the female, has 6 abdominal segments, and on the head, two bristles which bend forwards. The antennae are short and their segments unequal.
- Larva: white to ivory in colour (*) (*) .
- Egg: the eggs are frequently found on the edges of leaves in chambers, if the females have oviscaptes. Otherwise they are laid on the underside of leaves or on the leaf sheaths.
- Pupa: coarctate or free (*) .
- Larva: they dig into the parenchyma of the leaf between the 2 epidermal layers, causing typical mines (*) with frass most often around the edges. All species are phytophagous and many are monophagous.
The following species appear mainly on cereals: A. ambigua (Fallen) on wheat; A. albipennis (Meigen), A. megalopsis (Her.) and A. nigrella (Rond.) on rye.
- Pupa: pupation occurs either in the ground or in the mine.

[R]Life Cycle
- Usually, only one generation per annum; occasionally, several generations per annum.
- Overwintering generally occurs in the pupal stage.
- Little is yet known about the life habits.

- Most often, the upper leaves of gramineae (including cereals) are mined, appearing as long pyriform blisters, commencing at the leaf edge (*) . The damage is rarely of any economic importance.

In the presence of species which pupate in the ground, deep working of the soil after harvest is recommended. A layer of manure can reduce the incidence of damage.

[R]Common Names
DE: (Echte) Minierfliegen ES: Moscas minadoras FR: Mouches mineuses IT: Agromizidi, Mosche minatrici PT: Larvas mineiras GB: Miner flies

[R] Images

  1. Agromyza spp. Larva and mines on potato leaf (Hoechst)
  2. Agromyza spp. Mines on wheat leaf (Hoechst)
  3. Agromyza spp. Larva of Melanagromyza sojae and damage to haricot bean (Hoechst)
  4. Agromyza spp. Damage to haricot bean leaf (Bayer)
  5. Agromyza spp. Cocoon (Phalip M. / SRPV Poitiers)
  6. Agromyza spp. Mine on a wheat leaf (Retaud P. / SRPV Poitiers)

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