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Aclypea opaca L.
Blitophaga opaca, Silpha opaca

Insecta, Coleoptera, Silphidae .

Beet carrion beetle

Description, Biology, Life Cycle, Damage, Common Names, Images

- Adult: 9-12 mm long; body very flattened, black or dark brown with a golden, dark and dense pubescence; elytra with 3 embossed longitudinal stripes; apical third rounded; spaces between longitudinal stripes with fine punctures (*) .
- Larva: 15 mm long; woodlouse-shaped; shiny black with a yellow edge (*) .
- Egg: round; 1-2 mm long; shiny yellowish-white.

- Eggs are laid in May-June a few centimetres into the soil; embryonic development lasts 5-9 days.
- Duration of larval development: 10-21 days.
- Number of eggs laid: about 120.

[R]Life Cycle
- There is only 1 generation per year.
- The beet carrion beetle overwinters in litter at the edge of sunny forests (conifers) or in other protected and grassy places.
- From late March to mid-April, adults leave their shelter and feed initially on the young leaves of winter cereals and on wild plants of Anserina. They then migrate to beet fields and continue to feed in places protected from the wind.
- Larvae attack beet and travel to surrounding fields towards the end of their development, pupating a few centimetres into the soil. Young adults, which hatch in late June, rapidly move to their winter quarters.

Larvae clean the surface of leaves and make numerous smooth-edged holes of various sizes(*) . In severe cases, young beet seedlings are totally defoliated.
Adults infest leaves, firstly attacking the margins. The damage they do is rather unimportant compared to that caused by larvae.
In dry and hot weather, especially in the spring, and on light soils, damage is severe, attacks preventing the development of plants.
- It is worth noting that damage can be reduced by early sowing, the introduction of wild Chenopodiaceae and, once the foliage has been eaten, the use of fertilizers.

[R]Common Names
DE: Brauner Rübenaaskäfer ES: Silfa de la remolacha FR: Silphe de la betterave IT: Silfa opaca PT: Silfo da beterraba GB: Beet carrion beetle

[R] Images

  1. Aclypea opaca L. (ITB)
    Damage caused by larvae and adults
  2. Aclypea opaca L. (BASF)
    Adult and larva on leaf of beet
  3. Aclypea opaca L. Adult at rest on a sugarbeet leaf (Hoechst)

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