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Verticillium dahliae Klebahn x sunflower


Crops attacked: sunflower .

[R]Common Names :

Verticillium wilt

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Macroscopic aspect seen with the naked eye.
Observation of microsclerotia with a dissecting microscope after removal of the epidermis from the stem at the black strip level.
Isolation on growth medium.

Interveinal chlorosis of the leaves ; leaf tissues turning yellow, then brown (necrosis) ; it is to be noted that the symptoms on leaves are characteristic. On the stem a continuous black stripe appears and extends from the base upwards to a certain height, sometimes to the capitulum, still it never entirely surrounds the stem.
Microsclerotia are present under the epidermis throughout this black stripe. The microsclerotia area does not penetrate the medullar tissues of the stem. On the capitulum the achenes are smaller due to early drying of the plant.
The affected plants can be recognized in the population by their early maturity.

This soilborne fungus is associated with a field ; it rests in the crop debris incorporated to the soil. The mycelium attacks the roots, then the colonization is systemic.
Often, the action of this fungus cannot be distinguished from that of V. dahliae .
They can be differenciated only through isolation.

An average temperature of 21 to 24 C. favours V. albo-atrum .

Incorporating the plant debris deep down in the soil.
This disease is not particularly important. A treatment is often not justified.

[R]Possible misleading
Macrophomina phaseoli but here there is no sclerotium inside the medulla and with V. albo-atrum which is frequently associated with V. dahliae .

[R] Images

  1. Verticillium spp. , Verticillium wilt (LAMARQUE C., INRA)
    Verticillium wilt on sunflower Intervenal symptoms of verticillium wilt on the leaf of a sunflower.
  2. Verticillium spp. , Verticillium wilt (INRA)
    Verticillium wilt on sunflower Cut through a sunflower stem showing verticillium wilt microsclerotia restricted to .
    the cortex (moelle saine).

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