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Puccinia striiformis Westendorp f. sp. tritici
Puccinia glumarum (Schumacher) Erichsen et Hennings


Crops attacked: wheat, .

[R]Common Names :

Yellow rust of wheat,

Identification, Description, Biology, Epidemiology, Treatement, Possible misleading, Images

No aecidium host.

After the first foci occur the disease extends to the whole field.
The fungus presents regular interveinal stripes which carry small orange elongated sporulating pustules.
The latter also form on the sheaths and the ears in severe infections (rachis, awns and glumes).
At maturity, the cereal shows black non-dehiscent pustules.

The fungus overwinters and reproduces on cereal shoots and wild grasses.
Depending on the sowing season (autumn crops or spring crops), infection occurs in autumn-winter or in spring through urediniospores forming on the shoots.
Teliospores are darker and form when the cereal is mature.

Contamination occurs as soon as the temperature gets close to 2 C. and RH is over 80% for at least 18 hours.
Higher temperature increases the number of urediniospore generations.
The epidemic reaches the climax between the swelling and the "boot" stage of the cereal.

Cultivar diversification is recomended.
Chemical treatment is possible between the "boot" stage and heading.

[R]Possible misleading
The pustules of the brown rust of wheat in autumn and winter.

[R] Images

  1. Puccinia striiformis , Yellow rust (VIDAL L., INRA)
    Wheat yellow rust Yellow rust on a winter wheat leaf.
  2. Puccinia striiformis , Yellow rust (FOUCHARD M., INRA)
    Wheat yellow rust Uredina gathered on a leaf lamina.
  3. Puccinia striiformis , Yellow rust (BASF)
    Wheat yellow rust Yellow rust on a winter wheat leaf.
  4. Potato leaf roll virus, PLRV (SPIRE D., INRA)
    Potato leaf roll virus Curled and pale-green leaves characteristic of a potato plant infected by PLRV.

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