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Botryotinia fuckeliana (de Bary) Whetzel x strawberry
Sclerotinia fuckeliana (de Bary) Fuckel


Crops attacked: strawberry .

[R]Common Names :

Grey mould

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See previously mentioned hosts.

The disease affects the fruits : they rotten, turn yellow or brown depending on their stage of development, then are covered by grey downy soft rot.

The conidia of this fungus are spread all over in nature and infect plants at blossom : the stamens or whatever parts of the withered contaminated corollas are left contaminate the budding fruit through direct contact.

Conidial germination is possible even without free water if the RH is over 90%. High humidity favours the spread of the epidemics while temperature is relatively unimportant.

Apply a locally reccommended fungicide during the advised stage.
Use protective plastic sheets to isolate the fruits from the wet soil.
In the glasshouse, ventilate and don't use water spraying.

[R]Possible misleading

[R] Images

  1. Botrytis cinerea , Grey mould (GRISP-INRA)
    Grey mould on strawberry Leaving petal on a strawberry calyx infecting the berry with grey mould.
  2. Botrytis cinerea , Grey mould (GRISP-INRA)
    Grey mould on strawberry Epidemic of grey mould on strawberry (infection by contact).

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