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HYP3: Glossary

HYP3 on line: Species (scientific names), Diseases (common names), Crops.

acervuli, acquisition (P), active material(A.M), aecidia, aecidiospore, aecidian host, agressivity , alternative host (P), aparate for reproduction, apothecia, artificial culture medium, growth medium, Ascomycotina, ascospore,

bacterium, baside, basidiospore, Basidiomycotina,

canker, carpophore, certified (P), chlamydospore, chlorosis, cirrhi, colonization (P), colonize (P), conidium, conidia, contamination (P), contaminate (P), cortex, crop debris (P), plant debris (P), crop residues,

damping off, Dematiaceae, diseased, disease, downy cover (P), down (P), dwarfism,

ELISA, ELISA test, encysted (P), enzyme (P), epidemics (P), epidermis, epiphytic,

facies, fibrovascular bandles, vessels, focus (P), foci (P), free water (P), fructification (P), Fungi imperfecti, fungicide, fungus,

germination (P), germinate (P), gum (P), gummy exudate (P),

Helotiales, host (P), host population (P), hydric stress (P), hymenium, hypha, Hyphomycetales,

IEM, incubation (P), indexage (P), infect (P), infection (P), infected (P), infest (P), infested (P), inoculate (P), inoculum, intercellular (P), intervein (P), isolation (P), isolate (P),

latent (P), lesion, life cycle (P),
lodging (P), macrocyclic,

medulla (P), microsclerotium, microsclerotia , Moniliaceae, mummified (P), mycelial, mycelium, mycoplasma, MLO (=Mycoplasma like organisms),

necrosis (P), necrotrophic, node,

Oomycetae, oospore, overwintering (P), preserve (P), conservation (P), survive (P),

parasite, pathogen, pathogen population, pathogenic, pathogenicity, perfect form, teleomorph, imperfect form, anamorph, perithecia, Peronosporaceae, Peronosporales, persistent, non persistent, half persistent, phenological stage (P), Phomaceae, Phycomycetae, pith , preventive (P), propagule, pycnidia, pycniospores ,

relative humidity (RH), reproduction cycle (P), biological cycle (P),, resistant (P), resistance (P), resting body (P), rhizomorph, running water (P),

saprophyte, scar (P), Sclerotiniaceae, sclerotium, sclerotia, senescence, shrivelling, source of inoculum, spermogonia, Sphaeropsidales, splashing (P), spore (P), sporulation (P), sporulate (P), spreading (P), spread (P), stroma, stromatic, susceptibility (P), systemic,

thallus, tolerant (P) toxine (P), toxic (P), treatment (P), tumour (P),

uredia, urediospore,

vector, vection, vegetative reproduction, vessels, vascular system, vascular tissue, virulence, virus.

HYP3 on line: Species (scientific names), Diseases (common names), Crops.
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page d'accueil de HYP3
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