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HYP3: Diseases

HYP3 on line: Species (scientific names), Glossary, Crops.

Anthracnose on Horse-bean, Anthracnose on Pear, Anthracnose on Soybean, Anthracnose on Olive,
Anthracnose on Curcubitaceae, Anthracnose of almond, Anthracnose of soybean, Anthracnose on Grapevine, Anthracnose on Walnut,
Apple scab, Artichoke latent virus, Artichoke mottled crinkle virus,
Ascochyta foot-rot,
Bacterial blight on Peas, Bacterial blight on Soybean, Bacterial blight of walnut,
Bacterial canker on Tomato, Bacterial wilt on Rye-grass, Bark canker of fig,
Barley leaf stripe, Barley yellow dwarf virus,
Beet rust on Sugar beet, Black rust on Barley, Brown rust on Barley,
Black leg on Artichoke, Black leg on Cabbage,
Black spot on Cabbage, Black spot, Black spot on Rape, Black stem of lucerne,
Black rot on Carott, Black rot on Cabbage,
Bottom rot on Chicory, Brown rot, Brown rot on Apricot,
Brown rust of wheat,
Canker on Peach (Leucostama cinctum), Canker on Peach (Fusicoccum amygdali),
Cauliflower mosaic, Cercospora disease, Cercosporiose of olive,
Charcoal rot, Chestnut blight, Chocolate spot disease,
Collar rot on Rape, Collar rot on Artichoke, Collar rot, Collar rot ink disease,
Common leaf spot, Corky root, Crown-rust,
Cucumber mosaic on Curcubitaceae, Cucumber mosaic virus on Tomato,
Cucurbit powdery mildew, Cylindrosporium disease, Dead-arm disease,
Didymella stem rot, Die-back of asparagus, Die-back, Dye of hazel,
Downy mildew on Lettuce, Downy mildew on Sunflower, Downy mildew on Spinach, Downy mildew on Cucumber,
Downy mildew on Pea, Downy mildewon Onion, Downy mildew of Spinach,
Downy mildew on Hops, Downy mildew on Grapevine, Downy mildew on Tomato,
Early blight, Ergot, Esca, Eutypa canker,
Eyespot of Cereals, Eyespot on Oats, Eyespot of maize,
False black-rot of grapevine, Fire blight, Flavescence dorée, Flax wilt, Foot-rot,
Fusarium wilt on Asparagus, Fusarium wilt of cucumber, Fusarium wilt of melon, Fusarium wilt of watermelon,
Gooseberry mildew, Grapevine fanleaf,
Gray mould of hazelnut, Grey mould on Artichoke, Grey mould on Blackcurrant,
Grey mould on Raspberry, Grey mould on Strawberry, Grey mould on Sunflower,
Grey rot on Grapevine,
Head smut,
Late blight, Late blight of potato,
Leaf blight of maize, Leaf blotch of barley, Leaf fleck of pasture grasses,
Leaf mould,
Leaf spot on Sunflower, Leaf spot on Artichoke, Leaf spot, on Blackcurrant,
Leaf-scorch of strawberry,
Lettuce bacterial rot, Lettuce drop, Lettuce mosaic virus,
Lucerne anthracnose, Lucerne enation virus,
Mild disease of potato, Mild virus yellows, Mildiou, on Artichoke, Mycosphaerella blight,
Nectria canker, Net blotch of barley,
Peach leaf curl, Peacock disease, Pear blossom blight, Pear scab,
Pepper blight, Pestalotiopsis, Phomopsis disease, Pisi blight,,
Plum pox, Pod blight,
Potato leaf roll, Potato leaf-drop streak, Potato virus A,
Powdery mildew on Beet, Powdery mildew on Wheat, Powdery mildew on Artichoke,
Powdery mildew on Linseed flax, Powdery mildew on Apple, Powdery mildew on Cucumber,
Powdery mildew, on Grapevine, Prunus necrotic ringspot virus,
Ramularia disease, Raspberry rust, Red core of strawberry root,
Rhizomania, Ring spot, Rolling,
Root rot on Fig, Root rot on Grapevine, Root rot on Tomato, Root rot on Celery,
Rot brenner, Rot, Rust, Rust of asparagus,
Scab, Septoria nodorum blotch, Severe yellowing virus,
Sharka (Variole), Shoot die-back, Shot-hole disease,
Silver-leaf disease on Apricot, Silver-leaf disease on Apple,
Smut on Maize, Smut of onion, Snow mould, Soft rot,
Spinach blight, Spur blight, Strawberry vein banding,
Tobacco mosaic virus, Tuber rot, Tuberculosis of olive-tree,
Verticillium disease on Sunflower, Verticillium wilt on Lucerne, Verticillium wilt on Artichoke,
Verticillium wilt on Strawberry, Verticillium wilt on Sunflower, Verticillium wilt on Tomato,
Violet root rot on Asparagus, Violet root rot on Beet,
White mould of soybean, White pine blister rust,
White root-rot, White rot on Grapevine, White rot on Artichoke,
White rot on Rape, White rot on Sunflower, White rot on Shallots,
Xanthomonas disease on Artichoke, Xanthomonas disease, on Strawberry,
Yellow rust of wheat.

HYP3 on line: Species (scientific names), Glossary, Crops.
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