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Ateliers “Thinking forward: Assessments, Projections and Foresights. What is at stake for International Agricultural Research?”

Le deuxième des trois ateliers "Thinking Forward" a eu lieu à Wageningen le 25 et le 26 février 2010.

GCARD will meet in Montpellier on March 28th-31st 2010. FI4IAR and CTA have suggested having a session on several works devoted to help “thinking forward”. We propose to focus this session on an analysis of recent assessments, projection and foresight exercises related to agricultural research and their input in setting up agricultural priorities.

Over the last five years, different exercises - assessments (IAASTD, WDR), projections (IFPRI, FAO, Millennium Institute), foresights (Agrimonde, SCAR, Mediterra 2008, UK Foresight, etc.) - have been carried out. They differ on several aspects: partners, ordering body, objectives, levels at which they are carried out (national, European or international), methods used, conclusions, etc.  All these exercises and their conclusions are useful. The main actors of these exercises know each other. However, there is a tendency of each of us to defend our methods, results, institution.In order to help strategy formulation by the actors of international agricultural research, our feeling is that increased dialog among ourselves is necessary to put light on convergences and differences, something like a “controversial dialog”, involving committed persons having time enough to carry on interactions and exchanges.
We propose to organize such a "controversial dialog" through the setting up of a group of 15 to 20 persons who will engage themselves to meet for one day in January (January 26) in Paris, one day in February (25 an 26) in Wageningen and one day on March 30 in Montpellier, during the GCARD. The idea will be to discuss in depth convergent and divergent points among these exercises and to help identify what we have ahead of us and where research priorities should be carried out.

Among the group, there will be both producers of future looking exercises and potential users (practitioners) of such exercises.

If we have achieved enough after those three meetings, we may consider a final product like a position paper or book on assessments, projections and foresights for International Agricultural Research.

For the CONCEPT NOTE of the seminar please click here

I. First workshop of the Assessments/Projections/Foresights Seminar: 26th January 2010 ( at FI4IAR, Paris)

Overall objective: for the development of strategies by all those involved in international agricultural research, further discussion among stakeholders is required to bring convergences and differences to the fore, and thus create a “controversial dialogue’ among those committed to interaction and exchanging points of view.  The idea is to identify what lies ahead and where research priorities should be placed.

Participants : Bernard Auxenfans (Monsanto Europe), Pierre Blanc (CIHEAM), Jacques Brossier (FI4IAR), Larry Busch (Michigan State Univ. & Univ. Lancaster), Michel Costes (Champagne-Céréales), Bruno Dorin (Cirad), Elie Faroult (EC), Marie Gasquet-de Lattre (ANR & Cirad), Michel Griffon (ANR & Cirad), Hartwig de Haen (Univ. Göttingen), Bénédicte Hermelin (GRET), Hans Herren (Millennium Institute), Bernard Hubert (FI4IAR & Agropolis International), Denis Lacroix (Ifremer & Agropolis International), Niels Louwaars (Wageningen International), Jacques Loyat (Ministère de l’Alimentation, l’Agriculture et de la Pêche), Erik Millstone (Univ. Sussex), Siwa Msangi (IFPRI), Michel Petit (CIHEAM), Emilio Ruz (IAAC-PROCISUR), Josef Schmidhuber (FAO), Sébastien Treyer (IDDRI). 

Organisation: The following schedule was proposed for the 3 first presentation sessions:

·       A slide presentation of roughly 30-35 minutes focusing on the rationale behind the project, the method (briefly describing the hypotheses, the parameters adopted and the importance given to them), the results/impacts and how they are made operational, strategy limits. 

·       A discussion among all participants, introduced by the opener (ten minutes) covering the themes that will be further developed during the overall debate in the final sessions: What are the crucial issues that have come to light during the different stages of the research project?  What are the priorities for agricultural research? What are the main themes (adaptation to climate change, use of biomass for energy, etc)?  What are the respective roles of quantitative and qualitative approaches?  Analysis of similarities and differences between the different viewpoints.


Agenda :

You can download the presentations available by clicking on the link

-          9-9h30: introduction and general discussion

-          9h30-11h: IAASTD (presentation Hans Herren, discussant N. Louwaars & Jacques Loyat)

-          11h-11h15: coffee break

-          11h15-12h45: FAO Projection (pres. J. Schmidhuber, disc. B. Dorin)

-          12h45-13h30: lunch

-          13h30-15h00: IMPACT (pres. S. Msangi, disc. M. Petit)

-          15h00-16h30: Millenium Institute (pres. H. Herren, disc. H. de Haen)

-          16h30-17h: planning for the Wageningen Workshop (February, 25th-26th)

-          Closing and farewell

For the SUMMARY of the First Workshop  please click here


II. Second workshop of the Assessments/Projections/Foresights Seminar

25th-26th February 2010 (Wageningen)

at CTA Head office,  Agro Business Park 2, Wageningen


Program :

You can download the presentations available by clicking on the link

25th February: 9.00 am to 17.30 pm

-   9h15 am-10h00 am:   Welcome address by CTA director and presentation of the WS

-  10.00 am-11.30 am:   Highlights of the Paris Workshop - Discussion

-  11.30 am-11.40 am:   Coffee break

-   11.40 am-1.15 pm:     SCAR2 (pres. G. Brunori, disc. E. Valceschini) + Comments

-       1.15 pm-2.15 pm:       Lunch

-        2.15 pm-3.45 pm:      Mediterra CIHEAM (pres. and disc. J. Brossier)

-         3.45 pm-4.00 pm:      Coffee break

-          4.00 pm-5.30 pm:      AGRIMONDE (pres. B. Dorin and S. Treyer, disc. S. Msangi)

-          5.30 pm-6.30 pm:      Synthesis of the first two sessions


26th February: 9.00 am to 16.00 pm

-            9.00 am-10.30 am:     first synthesis, highlights and preparation Montpellier Seminar.

-         10.30 am-11.00 am:   Coffee break

-          11.00 am-11.45 am:   UK Foresight (pres. E. Millstone, disc. L. Busch)

-         11h45 am-12.30 am:  WDR 2008 (pres. M. Petit and. B. Losch)

-          12.30 am-1.30 pm:     Lunch

-           1.30 pm-4.00 pm:       General discussion, Planning of the Montpellier GCARD session (March, 30th)  

-            Closing and farewell

III. Third workshop of the Assessments/Projections/Foresights Seminar: during the GCARD end of  March 2010 (Montpellier)



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