CR2 | Junior Research Scientist

Open competition CR2: Population dynamics and adaptation
Discipline(s): Population genetics - Environmental sciences/ecosystems, landscapes

Research division:
SPE | Plant Health and Environment

Research field:
Evolution of populations of plant viruses in an agricultural landscape: consequences for epidemiology


Educational background: PhD or equivalent. Candidates should have a good command of English. The successful candidates who have not yet acquired postdoctoral training will be required to do so, preferably abroad, after their probationary period (1st year) and before being eligible for promotion to an Experienced Research Scientist position (CR1).


Key activities and required skills: As part of the virology team, the successful candidate will apply concepts of evolutionary and landscape ecology to elucidating the epidemiology of viral diseases of horticultural crops. S/he will analyze the role of spatial and temporal aspects of landscape structure in the evolution of viral populations with the goal of understanding and managing epidemics at scales pertinent to agronomy. The expertise in population genetics and ecology that the successful candidate will contribute to this work will be complemented by those of biologists and modelers in the virology team and of other collaborators. Previous experience with plant viruses is not a primary qualifying competence for this research position. The successful candidate will have demonstrated a capacity for and a desire for teamwork to achieve the goals of this research.

Person to contact before applying:
Tel: 04 32 72 28 07

Host unit reference:
Research unit: 0407 PV Pathologie Végétale
Centre: PACA
Address: Domaine Saint-Maurice 84140 MONTFAVET