CR2 | Junior Research Scientist

Open competition CR2: Mathematics and informatics for biology and agronomy
Discipline(s): Statistics, probabilities

Research division:
MIA | Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Research field:
Approximate inference techniques in complex systems


Educational background: PhD or equivalent. A background in mathematics and statistics and a specialization in statistics is highly recommended. Candidates should have a good command of English. The successful candidates who have not yet acquired postdoctoral training will be required to do so, preferably abroad, after their probationary period (1st year) and before being eligible for promotion to an Experienced Research Scientist position (CR1).


Key activities and required skills: You will develop methodological research in the field of statistical inference for models used in environmental sciences. These inference techniques will account for the complex dependency structure due to the temporal, spatial and evolutionary organisation of the observations, for the heterogeneity of the data and for the existence of unobserved variables or incomplete data. Solid experience in statistical modelling of complex data (graphic models, multi-scale spatio-temporal data) and a strong orientation towards the applications in environment and biology would be appreciated. Skills in approximation techniques (variational inference, ABC techniques) will be welcome.

Person to contact before applying:
Stéphane ROBIN
Tel: 01 44 08 72 07

Host unit reference:
Research unit: 0518 MIA Mathématiques et Informatique Appliquées
Address: 16 Rue Claude Bernard 75005 PARIS