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ME&S, The Courrier, Abstracts, Rousso's sketches, and a Flash survey about the readership.

The Courrier de l'Environnement website is managed by ME&S (Society and Environment Mission), a department of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research - INRA.

At a mouse click away, "glance at news" (Coup d'oeil sur les nouveautés) fills you in on everything you want to know about the next issue of the Courrier, i.e. announcements, publications, call for proposals. This heading also contains up-to-date information on every new page of our website (e.g. Urban agriculture). Check it out regularly!

In order to search our pages, we have installed a request system.

Our small snail-like friend, our "zooïde", travels through the Website with us. He (or she... why not after all!) is always multicoloured, often miaows or moos for no particular reason and is generally rather lazy. He does, however, make a special effort to greet you on the first page by nodding his head. After all, that is his job. He's here to make you feel at home.
He does happen to feel incredibly misunderstood from time to time... but that's normal, he's an oxymoron!

All our website pages are hyperlinked and have 3 main on-line headings:

* Our publications (Nos publications)

These publications are the responsibility of ME&S.
Since 1986, our key publication is the Courrier de l'environnement de l'INRA; each issue is distributed to 11,500 people.

A quick preview:
A detailed list of contents, with short summaries of each article of the latest issue (Sommaire du dernier n°) (now translated into English), In Memoriam (the cover page of each Courrier), and Urbi et Orbi (in a different language in each issue).

ME&S also publishes the Dossiers de l'Environnement (each of these files deals with a specific topic) and Sauve qui peut! (SQP!), a scientific journal on genetic plant resources. For effective research purposes, all articles published in the Courrier, in the SQP! and in the Dossiers are assessed in three different ways : by issue, by topic, by author.

* Our special home pages (Nos pages spéciales)

The Albums (Album) display items selected from different issues of the Courrier, i.e. texts explaining our activities, humorous sketches (by Rousso: of universal interest, of course!). Under this heading, you will also find the In Memoriam (about endangered species), the Urbi et Orbi pages, etc.

The Bibliographies of the Courrier are now on-line, for those interested in reading suggestions.

Updated on-line: information on forums and training programs (academic and others) (Colloques et formations).

Our Kiosk (Le Kiosque) allows access to other websites which are worth the visit if you are interested in agriculture and environment.

Also on-line, our very special home pages (Pages très spéciales): unclassifiable items... They provide you with information on festivals, village fairs, patron saints. Topics such as landscapes with remarks made by agronomists and Urban agriculture also feature under this heading.

* US (Nous)

Under the ME&S heading, take a look at our achievements (Oeuvres): books, journals, CD-Roms and on-line publications, (see HYPPZ, a comprehensive database on European pests available in English and French), other reviews and studies, and also some very personal achievements (such as Alain Fraval's paintings).

The Courrier de l'Environnement and Sauve qui peut! are free magazines available to anyone around the world, all you have to do is ask for one. The Dossiers de l'Environnement is the only publication which is not free of charge (please contact INRA Éditions).

Because your opinion interests us, feel free to contact us by using our mailbox (Contact us). We welcome any feedback, criticism or comments on this website.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Do not forget to carefully examine all legal provisions concerning the consultation of these web pages .

Conception: November 1995. Launching: January 1996.
Last update : April 2001.
Design and updating : Alain FRAVAL - Chief Editor of the Courrier.

English translation : Diane BETHEUIL, Christine YOUNG, Nicola SCOTT

Society and Environment Mission:
e-mail :

address : INRA/ME&S
147, rue de l'Université, 75338 Paris cedex 07, France
tél : +33 + area code 1 + 42 75 92 49; fax : +33 + area code 1 + 42 75 95 08

URL of the Courrier de l'Environnement home page :

[R] ME&S

As a major research unit, the Society and Environment Mission conducts monitoring, prevention and information activities in fields related to the interaction between research, the environment and society. Under the co-supervision of the scientific directors of two INRA divisions, "Environment, Forest and Agriculture" and "Society, Economy and Decision", its mission is to participate in the latter's strategic reflections and in the development of transversal approaches, by cooperating with three other scientific structures of INRA, the departments, centers and administrative or relational departements.

The goals of ME&S:
- identify emerging themes and issues and suggest new problems;
- participate in the evaluation of the environmental consequences of research orientations, programmes and projects;
- produce syntheses and circumstancial notes;
- contribute to the identification of new actors or of innovative field operations, and induce cooperation;
- find ways to internally and externally assess the information on the environment produced by the Institute or outside of it.
- follow and feed the social debates on environmental issues.

ME&S staff includes 8 permanent members (4 researchers and engineers, 1 documentalist, 1 illustrator, 1 secretary and 1 assistant). They have two different functions : a political and scientific function and an informative function.

ME&S publishes the Courrier de l'environnement de l'INRA, the Dossiers de l'environnement, Sauve qui peut! and the Infoservice of the Courrier de l'environnement on Internet.

[R] The Courrier

The paper edition of the Courrier de l'Environnement de l'INRA (from 130 to 150 pages - 3 issues per year since 1986) is a magazine providing a platform for debate at the crossroads of agriculture, environment and agronomic research. These domains are situated in relation to one another or in relation to social and political issues. Furthermore, the aim of the Courrier is to contribute to environmental awareness within INRA itself.

As it concerns an interdisciplinary field that is sensitive to public opinion, this publication is also a means of informing a broad public about crucial questions raised by researchers.

The Courrier de l'Environnement is now distributed to some 12.500 addressees. While remaining sober and simple, each issue of the Courrier has always made a point of keeping a humorous tone thanks to ourcartoonist, Robert Rousso. These sketches enhance and lighten editorial articles, papers expressing personal opinions, all related to today's agricultural and environmental issues. The Courrier also provides conference reports, bibliographies, informs on interesting events or conferences, and gives up-to-date information on academic environmental programmes. The "In Memoriam" pages are also worth mentioning, they are dedicated to an endangered species or species near extinction. The "Urbi et orbi" pages are also very interesting as they sum up the content of each issue and are in different languages (Latin, Portugese, English, Breton, Wolof...). All these pages contribute to the cheerful and unusual style adopted by the Courrier, a reliable publication by the largest French agricultural research organisation.

Abstracts are available for the following issues: 25 (September 1995),   26 (December 1995),  27 (April 1996),  28 (August 1996), 29 (December 1999), 30 (April 1997), 31 (August 1997),  32 (December 1997), 33 (April 1998), 34 (July 1998), 35 (November 1998), 36 (March 1999), 37 (August 1999), 38 (November 1999), 39 ( Februar 2000), 40 ( June 2000 ), 41 ( October 2000 ), 42 (February 2001), 43 (May 2001), 44 (October 2001), 45 (Februar 2002), 46 (June 2002).

[R] Rousso's sketches

A complete collection of Rousso's sketches should be available soon, but, for now, here are a few samples (presented in chronological order). When you have visited one of these items, use the Back-key of your Web navigator in order to return to this heading:

Milk quotas (C7), The old chief (C7), How to set aside land (C7), Green tourism (C7), The Angelus C7), A new variety... (C8), Stretches of water with tourism around (C8), S(pace)ieces on the way to disappearances (C8), Sparrows answering peasants : " ... " (C9), The overwhelmed inseminator (C9), Bureaucrat... (C12), The lab (C12), The landscape painter (C20), The scary set aside (C20), Myxomatose case (C20), Post-transgenesis (C27), .Some changes ought to be done! (C27) Wetting (C23), Brainwave (C23), Alpologist (C23), Transfauna (C23), It's unbearable! (C23), The opening of the shooting season (C25), The must (C25), Urbanisation excess (C25), The loggers (C25), Muruoshima (C25), The driving crazy cow (C27), The animalist painter (C27),, The Quartier latin (C27), French National Railways and its public (C27), The Conservatoire (C27), Polyphonia (C27), Public framework (C27), Poppyculture (C28), Landowners landscaping (C28), At Mickey's (C28), Tchou tchou, pouh pouh (C28), Completely down in the dumps (C28), Space game (C28), Belgian attitude (C28), Bottle neck (C28), S.O.S. (C29), In vitro (C29), Little Red Riding Hood (C29), The wolf pops out from the wood (C29), Tree trunks (C29), Fox hunting (C29), Funny funnel (C29), Evolution (C29), Kohlweissling (C29), Transmissible disease (C29), Again (C29),
The Arch (C30), Poor Rabbit (C30), Buffalo Kill (C30), Copy Service (C30), Harvest (C30), In vino veritas (C30), Legal harassment (C30), Environmental management (C30), Proot (C30), Find Institute (C30), Computer protest (C30), Nostalgia (C30), Label (C30), Democracy control (C31), Green jobs (C31), Greenhouse effect (C31), Copulatio (C31), Peri-suburban (C31), Pollution generator! (C31), Birds' love (C31), His master's sight (C31), Globe-cone, Trapping roots, Hippotropism, Economic And Social Council.

* Ministerial Trophy (C32), Stop transfers! (c32), Genetically improved scientist (c32), The good sower (C32), Triple action (c32), Radio (C32), Musical postcard from Africa (C32), Cheese (C32), Sustainable game (C32), Love! (C32).

[R] C# designates the issue of the Courrier de l'Environnement from which these sketches come from. Captions are by the Editor.
The reproduction of these sketches is free of copyright but submitted to the authorization of the Author (Contact us).

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