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The INRA created CIRM (International Center for Microbial Resources) in order to centralize its microbial collections and to ensure their long-term preservation. CIRM is made up of five sites dedicated to different classes of organisms: filamentous fungi (Marseille), bacteria (Rennes), pathogenic bacteria (Tours), bacteria associated to plants (Angers) and yeasts (Grignon).
In order to meet its customers' requirements, CIRM has implemented high quality standards and is now ISO 9001 certified since October 2006 (click here for certificate). CIRM-Levures thus complies with the OECD prescriptions on Biological Ressource Centers as defined at the Tokyo meeting in 1999.

›› Activities

CIRM-Levures distributes over 1200 yeast isolates of the subphylum Saccharomycotina (catalogue) and a bank of several hundred thousands genomic clones from the Genolevures sequencing programs.
CIRM-Levures performs a number of services including taxonomic identification to the species level and confidential safe deposit.

›› Affiliations

CIRM-Levures is affiliated with the World Federation of Culture Collections (WFCC). CIRM-Levures is also part of the European Culture Collection Organization (ECCO). CIRM-Levures is part of RESOMIL, a network whose creation was initiated by the french dairy industry in order to use and preserve french dairy genetic resources.
CIRM-Levures is indexed by StrainInfo.net and by Gbif.

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June 2013

A new species, Citeromyces nyonsensis, isolated from black olive brine has just been described by CIRM-Levures (PMID = 23710049).

November 2012

The YeastIP database which allows the identification and the phylogeny of Saccharomycotina yeasts is published in FEMS Yeast Research (PMID = 23110448)

May 2012

The strains of the article by Erny and coll. on the characterisation of the hybrids S. cerevisiae/S. kudriavzevii (PMID 22344648) are available at the CIRM-Levures

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