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Solution: Solution: 15. Script

Try to work with the helping elements before looking at the solution…

Helping elements

  • we work in training.myscripts.SimpleScript
  • you can copy your new data file in capsis4/data/training/ and change the input file name and location by analogy with the existing code
  • before script.init (ip), add a line to change the value of ip.regenerationMax to 5
  • script.init (ip) triggers the initialisation process (buildInitScene() + initializeModel()), just after, the root step is available
  • you can get references to many objects in the simulation by asking script:
    • script.getRoot () returns the root step
    • script.getProject () returns the project
    • script.getModel () returns the model connected to the project (here an instance of TraModel)
    • script.getRootDir () returns the location of the capsis4/ installation directory
  • To trigger an evolution, use script.evolve()
  • To trigger an intervention, use script.runIntervener (intervener, step)
  • To trigger an export, use script.runOFormat (export, step, fileName)
  • Check all these methods in the GScript superclass of C4Script
  • after script.init (ip), make a loop for 100 years in which you may:
    • run an evolution stage of 25 years
    • trigger an intervention
  • Adapt the evolution stage you will find in SimpleScript
  • to run the intervention, adapt this code:
import capsis.kernel.extensiontype.*;
import capsis.extension.intervener.*; 
// Intervention: cut tree between 5 and 15m height
Intervener thinner = new DHAThinner (DHAThinner.HEIGHT, 5, 15);
step = s.runIntervener (thinner, step);
  • keep the project saving at the end of the script to check the result with the DETimeN graph in Capsis' user interface
  • compile, then launch the script in the terminal, from the capsis4/ directory
  • the commands to launch the script can be found in the comment at the top of SimpleScript
  • Open Capsis in GUI mode, and open the saved project, open the DETimeN graph to check the simulation

A possible solution

Pieces of solution, to help adapt the script Reopen the save project in capsis graphical user interface to check the number of trees over time graph

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