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This dialog box is dedicated to alleles effect on various traits.

There are four traits with quantitative values varying between 0 and 1, that represent energy expenditure for: resource (total amount invested in reproduction), investment (gametes production), phenotype (signaling), and preference (ability to be choosy for phenotype). However, investment, phenotype and preference are conditioned by resource: the sum of their genetic value is equal to the resource genetic value. In other terms, the total energy expenditure for reproduction is determined by resource, and the partition of resource between investment, phenotype and preference can be seen as a tactic.

The phenotypic value of preference is therefore calculated as P(pref)=(G(Pref)/(G(pref)+G(phen)+G(invest))*P(resource)

Each locus codes for the four traits. Each allele effect for each is drawn in a beta distribution, the parameters of which you can change. A (1,1) beta distribution is actually a uniform distribution between 0 and 1. A (10,1) beta distribution is a left skewed distribution, with a high density probability for high values (near 1). And vice-versa.

The beta distributions for the four traits are independent for the moment. Therefore, correlations in alleles effects in the initial population only results from random draws.

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