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Post-Zygotic Isolation

In this dialog box, the user can specify the level of post-zygotic isolation.

First, an example of larval survival parameter is provided (default is 1.39 for instance, which is the log(0.8/(1-0.8)). This is just for the sake of graphical representation, and it will not be recorded if the user change this value: this can be changed using the Age related survival parameters Box.

Then the user can change the phenotype effect, favoring the survival of one phenotype over the other. The user can also change the general effect of winter temperature: the temperature is reach dependent and can range between 2 and 8°C. Finally, the user can specify the interaction between the aforementioned parameters, therefore giving an advantage to one phenotype in a given range of temperature conditions.

The “update graph” button allows to visualize the expected result.

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