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Carrying capacity parameters

This dialog box let you change the carrying capacity parameters for various age classes. There is no carrying capacity for under gravel stage (before 4 months in the Mediterranea model). Then, the carrying capacity is related to 4 different stages:

  • larvae (5-6 months),
  • juveniles (7-9 months),
  • subadults (10 to 21 months)
  • adults (22 months and older).

Note that individual termed as “adults” are not necessarily mature.

The carrying capacity is handled as a vague density dependent threshold: when the reach density D is above that threshold K, fish can die with a probability K/D. The result is stochastic, so it is not certain that D will be lower than K after the carrying capacity routine. Note that classic mortality rates (that are also user specified) apply after this routine anyway.

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